Mia Harlow Organics

Tower Tour Candle (Choose Your Scent)


Tower Tour - Each Candle comprises 9 elements. The white cylindrical pillar candle in the centre is tapered towards the bottom so the other 8 elements can slide in and out, or remain in place.


Ingredients: 100% unique blended of natural wax, high quality ingredients and nothing else all vegan and cruelty free.

Lavender Essential Oil Lavender oil has a fresh, herbaceous aroma. Bursting with floral scent with a somewhat dry-woody undertone. Helps to promote true relaxation by unwinding your mind, believed to treat anxiety, allergies and insomnia.

Lime Essential Oil Lime oil has refreshing and clean smell with a hint of zesty. This sweet and zesty smell is perfect for your brightening your mood filling your room
Made in United Kingdom

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