Runners of the Sun

Runners of the Sun Oracle Deck


Collaged visions illuminate the path ahead. Carefully crafted using a bouquet of vibrant found-images, each card is handpicked and artfully assembled to dispel the shadows of uncertainty. For those eager to seek the truth of themselves, Runners of the Sun is perfect for incorporating into your daily practice for use by itself or in conjunction with another deck. More than just a tool, Runners of the Sun is a companion, a fellow traveler on the journey. Carry its message throughout the day— consult it when faced with a difficult decision, meditate on it when feeling lost, and reflect on it when triumphant.


☼ 47 vivid, hand collaged, cards

☼ Guidebook featuring card descriptions and keyword associations

☼ A blend of one of a kind and familial archetypes

☼ Thick card-stock with velvety matte finish on cards and box

☼ Holographic foil stamping on Box and Cards

☼ Holographic foil edges


Cards: 2.75 "W x 4.75" D

Box: 3.25" W x 5.25" H x 1.25" D

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