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Pep Talk Vases (Choose Your Style)


 These handthrown medium porcelain vessels are thin and elegant with a bold decoration. A bright white line proclaims "fuck this" or "fuck that," but isn't too serious about it! We're on your side! Each piece is made individually by hand and decorated with my brushwork and writing. The interior is finished with a food-safe clear glaze, while the outside is my signature polished matte porcelain, awash in jewel tones.

Medium is approximately 5.5" tall and 4" wide.

For larger size, she’s here to make a statement & look good doing it. Make the room stand up and pay attention, then nod its head in agreement. Trust and believe you have what it takes to see things through in the proper fashion. Each piece is made and decorated by hand. The text styles range from simple cursive to block letters and filled spaces, with occasional extra phrases (PG-13.) 

Large vase dimensions: 5″ x 5″ x 9″ 

Made in United States

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