Brass Monkey

Merit Badges for Life Gift Set


Sure, being able to make a fire is great and all but isn't it about time we start giving merit badges for the really important life skills? You know, like being the perfect person to drink (way too much) with. So get started with this set of 6 merit badges perfect for commemorating all the notable achievements of the people in your life.

MERIT BADGES – The Merit Badges (For Life) Set from Brass Monkey include 6 different embroidered merit badge patches, each tipped onto a heavyweight card featuring a prestigious achievement. Each embroidered patch measures 1.5" in diameter.

EYE-CATCHING DESIGN – This merit badge set includes bold and bright embroidered artwork and includes an adhesive backing, perfect for sticking them on things. You know that's how adhesive works, right?

PERSONAL MESSAGE – The back of each card features an area for you to write your own personal message.

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