Brass Monkey

Here Kitty Kitty Holiday Stocking


This vintage-inspired cat stocking by Brass Monkey is perfect for spoiling the only family member that you actually like buying gifts for anyway. Sure, they’ve been terrible all year…but they’re still the bestest ever. I mean, that decapitated mouse they brought you was supposed to be a present. It's really the thought that counts. You've gotten worse things from your Mother-in-law.

• Made of lined velvet, featuring three-color (shimmery) embroidered artwork.

• Has a hangable loop…because, well, otherwise it’s just an ill-fitting sock.

• Packaged on a peggable header card (for easy display at shelf).

• Each stocking measures 8” wide by 14” tall.

• Yeah, we know that animal feet don’t look like this…just go with us here.

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