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Gold Filled Long & Short Round & Oval Link Chain (YG Tone Available)


The links of this long & short chain alternate between short round links and long oval links to create a fluid, dense chain

This listing is for gold filled chain, or gold overlay chain which is made using a heat and pressure process which bonds a thin layer of 14K gold to a brass core. Gold filled jewelry tends to have a longer lasting gold look than gold plated pieces when worn on a more frequent basis. Please be aware that this piece over time will change tone a bit as the brass core becomes more exposed over time with prolonged wear. If you would like the piece's tone to remain the same with years of wear then it would be recommended that you choose a 14k or 18k gold chain option.

Chains are sold by half inch segments. By adding a qty of 1 you are adding only half of an inch. When adding a qty of 2 you have added 1 inch.

Welding service is included with each purchase of a full bracelet length (minimum of 5 inches) or longer of chain.

If a repair weld is needed for your infinity chain we have a $8 service fee which includes all the steps on our end for the facilitation of the repair. This fee would also cover a new jump ring for welding should it be required to facilitate the repair service.

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