Endless Summer Enamel Pin


Endless Summer is a collaboration with artist Melissa Malone that celebrates summer parties in a big, playful and elaborate way: a Polly Pocket-style triptych with magnets, screenprinting and 18 colours. It comes with a book-style backing card and poem by Oisín Bickley, and aims to capture the feeling of spontaneous parties, trips away with friends, and long summer days falling into nights.

· 47mm wide (when closed)

· Triptych style enamel pin

· A whopping 18 colours

· Magnets to keep the doors closed on the party

· Screenprinted Orson Welles portrait

· Embossed with the Mink x Melissa Malone logo

· Guaranteed good time

Illustrations · Melissa Malone

Poem · Oisín Bickley

Made in United Kingdom

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