Adam J. Kurtz

Endless Possibilities Pencil Set

Whether you're creating a masterpiece or just writing it all out, this pencil set encourages anyone to look within, make space, and get going, because the possibilities are endless (but you still have to try). White erasers make these pencils great for writers and artists alike!

• HONEST, ENCOURAGING, AND UNINTIMIDATING: This pencil set, featuring text by Adam J. Kurtz, artist and author of 1 Page at a Time, is perfect for anyone who needs a little creative boost or positive reinforcement.

• INCLUDES: 10 sharpened graphite pencils with erasers in box (tray with sleeve). Text on the pencils reads:
    This could be anything.
    There is nothing in your way.
    Enjoy the unknown.
    Make space for yourself.
    Nothing to see here
    It's OK to be open.
    Endless possibility.
    There is nobody here but you.
    That feeling might have a point.
    Things are what you make them.

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