Chasing Threads

DIY Travel Jewelry Wrap Kit


This luxurious leather wrap is designed to carefully transport all your precious jewellery on your next adventure! Stop getting necklaces tangled up or loosing earrings in your suitcase, by securing them all in place inside the soft velvet interior. With zipped compartments and holders specially designed to store necklaces, rings, earrings, bracelets and small precious treasures this is the essential accessory for the stylish traveller.

Secure the wrap with the ‘around the world’ aeroplane cord to keep your precious jewellery safe within your suitcase. The genuine leather exterior is perforated at the front, so it can be stitched with initials, a zodiac sign, patterns or any unique design. The Stitch-able Travel Jewellery Wrap comes inside a beautiful gold foil detail box to make an ideal thoughtful gift. Includes pink and gold metallic threads & needle.

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