Nash and Jones

Detox Soak

Nash and Jones detox bath salts are designed to draw out and bind toxins and nourish your skin.


6 OZ

USE: Occasional (2-3/month)

SKIN TYPE: All skin types

Pour out and dissolve 1/3 bottle in a bath safely warm enough to allow sweating. Soak in the bath and allow the ingredients to cleanse and nourish skin. Skip the soap and rinse off the toxins the Detox Soak released and captured with warm water.

Detox Soak: Dead Sea Salt [mineral rich and soothing to skin, aiding in repair and regeneration], White Kaolin Clay [negatively charged and when activated with liquid, are able to attract and absorb your skin’s positively charged impurities like a magnet], Hawthorn Berry [antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties helpful in receiving itchy skin and acne]

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