Couplet Coffee (Choose Your Flavor)


Couplet's signature blend, called the Blissful Ballad Blend: a blend of Nicaraguan and Peruvian beans. The Nicaraguan beans are directly from an awesome family-run farm: Fincas Mierisch. The Peruvian beans are San Ignacio

The Espresso for Everyone: a modern, crowd-pleaser type of bean. It's also Couplet CEO's personal favorite (and she's an espresso snob)! It's a mix of Brazilian, Nicaraguan, and Peruvian beans. It's also great in any preparation but we kept espresso extraction in mind for these beans in particular. We recommend trying it as drip as well!

Single Origin Peru: Peruvian beans are San Ignacio (Estrella Divina), a co-op in a lovely part of Peru.

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