In Flower

Coconut Cream Bouquet


These are about medium in size bouquets and contain 10-13 stems total. This does not mean each stem will be a different type of flower. All bouquets are hand picked and designed by the In Flower team.

Bouquets are generally about 15- 16" in height and 8-10" in width. Each bouquet is made bespoke by hand in our studio. Bouquet design will be different from what is pictured. Bouquets are wrapped in kraft tissue paper and tied with ribbon and include a care card. Kraft paper is 100% recyclable. Flowers will last with proper care.

PLEASE NOTE: Flowers, ingredients, and color shades may vary due to availability. Flowers wrapping may get pressed in shipping. Fluff paper up for a better appearance.

Made in United States of America

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